Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements? 21+

Do we have parking and how much? The small parking lot is free, however on weekends valet is $10

– Valid Forms of Identification
• Driver’s license/ State issued ID, if the ID is from out of state/country, 2 forms of identification are needed.
• Passport, Visa, Foreign Official ID
• No photocopies or cell phone images will be accepted.

BarCode reserves the right to deny entry to any patron not meeting valid form identification requirements.
Any patron found to have a fake ID or that attempts to enter using someone else’s ID will be denied entry.


1. No weapons of any kind, including mace.
2. No drugs, prescription and over the counter medications included, as well as all illegal substances. (If you are found to have any illegal substances, you will be denied entry)
3. No vapes, Julls, e-cigarettes, hookah pens, nor liquid THC pens.
4. No alcohol, flasks, bottles, or outside food and beverages allowed inside.
5. No backpacks shopping bags or carry-ons allowed, nor can they be held in coat check.

BarCode Reserves the right to search each and every patron and their belongings for any contraband, though you have the right to refuse, in doing so you will be denied entry, our job is to ensure everyone’s safety.

Dress code?

Monday: Sports Bar Attire

Tuesday: Dress to Impress!!

Wednesday: Sports Bar Attire

Thursday: Sports Bar Attire

Friday: Dress to Impress!!

Saturday: Dress to Impress!!

Sunday: Sports Bar Attire

Dress code is subject to change pending any special events.

BarCode reserves the right to deny entry to any patron not meeting dress code requirements.