Frequently asked questions

What is barCode's address?

The address is 429 North Broad Street Elizabeth NJ 07208

What are barCode's hours of operation?

Please go to to view the latest hours of operations.

What events are there and where are the events posted?

Please follow our Instagram page @barcodenj, check our website periodically at or subscribe to our newsletter on our home page for direct updates delivered to your email at Events posted as soon as they are announced.

Are there any reservation or event specials?

You can find the event specials on our website

What is the dress code?


• Tank tops are not allowed. (Unless during pool hours.)
• Hoodies are not allowed. (Unless attending a sporting event.)
• Jerseys are not allowed. (Unless attending a sporting event.)
• Joggers / sweat pants are not allowed. (Unless attending a sporting event.)
• Durags are not allowed.
• Winter boots of any kind or any color are not allowed. (Unless the weather requires it)
• Females are not allowed to wear Slides or Flip Flops due to safety reasons.
• We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

What is the minimum age requirement to enter barCode?

21 years of age and over.

What are acceptable forms of ID to enter barCode?

A current valid photo ID is required of every person that enters our establishment. No ID no admittance, No exceptions.
Guests must be 21+ Strictly enforced. Acceptable forms of ID :
• United States, Canada, England, Ireland, European issued driver license or DMV.
• Identification cards ( if they are not stamped “not to verify ID)
• Passports (As long as there are no missing pages, not laminated, handwritten
or expired)
• Military ID Card
• Mexico voter ID Cards

What forms of payment does barCode accept?

barCode only accepts credit card and cash payments at the moment.

How do I make a reservation?

You can go to or please call 1-908-527-1928 for reservations.

How can I cancel my reservation and do I get my deposit refunded?

To cancel your reservation please call 1-908-527-1928. Please see our refund policy in the FAQ.

Is it possible to make changes to a reservation?

Yes, Please call 1-908-527-1928 to make your reservation changes. Please note that your reservations full party must be present in order to be seated at your table.

What if I cannot get into barCode even if I have a reservation?

Please call 908-527-1928 and ask to get a callback from a manager. Please provide all of your contact information including if you reserved with or without a deposit and
reason you were denied access from entering barCode. A manager will call you back promptly.

Where can I find the barCode food menu?

Our food menu is located at

Does barCode have a brunch menu?

If there is a brunch event, the brunch menu will be on the brunch flyer or located at

Is the barCode food menu vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Please see the menu at

What cocktails and / or bottles does barCode offers?

Please see the barCode menu at to see our up to date cocktail and bottles menu.

Does barCode have an open bar?


Can I customize my own bottle package?

Unfortunately No, but you can select from barCode's curated bottle packages. Please visit for our list of bottle packages.

Is outside food and drinks allowed in barCode?

Unfortunately no, but please feel free to see our food menu at

Are prescribed medications allowed in barCode?


Is recreational marijuana allowed in barCode?


Can I bring my digital camera or take pictures at barCode?

Digital cameras are not allowed but we do encourage using your phone to take pictures and tag us on social media. Instagram - @barcodenj or facebook - @barcodenewjersey

Does barCode accommodate people with disabilities?

Yes we can accommodate people with wheelchairs only. We do not have special Braille alphabet signage for the visually impaired.

Does barCode have a cigarette smoking zone?


Does barCode have hookah?

We have a specially designated area for smoking.

Once inside barCode, can I leave and enter again?

You can exit whilst leaving your ID at the entrance or you may get stamped. If you leave your ID, your ID will be returned to you once you return to barCode.
On special event days this rule does not apply. All exists are final.

Does barCode have a dance floor?


If I go to barCode for dinner, can I stay at the bar all night after dinner?

Yes, as long as that day does not have an event that requires a cover charge at the door. If there is a cover charge at the door you must leave and pay the door cover charge to re-enter.

Does barCode offer televised sporting events?

Yes. For televised sporting event updates, please go to our instagram @barcodenj or visit our website at

What other services does barCode offer other than bar and restaurant food?

barCode also offers a service for renting our space for customer events. Please call 1-908-527-1928 and ask for our space rental service.

What is your refund policy for event tickets and online deposits?

You may ONLY get a full refund for event tickets and online deposits if you make your refund request 3 days prior to the event date stated on your ticket by calling 908-527-1928 and ask for a manager/host. Covide Exception: If infected with covid, you may get a full refund for the indevidual/s that have proof of covid infection. Covid test must have a verifiable call back number to the clinic. Covid infection results must show infection before the event and not after.